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There’s been a lot of talk in recent years on physical media slowly dying. More and more people are downloading media such as games, music and films onto their computers rather than buying them on a storage medium on the high street.

As a result physical storage such as CD’s and SD DVD’s are soon to be forgotten like cassette tapes are now, and only blu-ray DVD’s are thought to be the only way to sell media physically rather than downloading. Even now some computing manufacturers are even considering making their machines without a disc drive built in. Apple’s new iMac doesn’t have one as they argue that “these old technologies are holding us back”. Microsoft even had discussions on whether to make the new Xbox One completely disc free but decided against it because it would “create issues”.

This media shift from physical to digital is due to mainly two things: the increased speeds of the internet and the vastly increased storage capacities. Eventually discs will be phased out but not as soon as some may believe…