Technology. It’s all around us and as the years goes on, we’re being forced to accept and learn how to use these new products and gadgets. Fortunately for me I’m always on the lookout for new equipment and always have some sort of opinion on it. 140 characters was never going to be enough so I discovered wordpress.com and the rest is history…

You’ll see new posts with information from gadgets like mobile phones to big electrical appliances like TV’s. You’ll see posts on the running, success or demise of an technological company. You’ll see posts with my own personal reviews after owning a product for a length of time. Literally anything that needs a plug or a battery to work.

As all things with technology there will disagreements and debates on what’s better and what’s worse but this is not the point of this blog. Just to stress from now, everything here is just my opinion.

Happy reading!


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